Big Ben adove the River Thames at night
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Scattering of Ashes

If you’re looking for a dignified and quiet location to say goodbye to your loved one then why not consider a scattering of ashes on the River Thames?

We can choose a private, quiet spot on the Thames to provide the perfect background for your ash scattering ceremony. We offer a dignified, discreet and respectful service.

River thames and tower bridge at sunset
Scattering of Ashes

A Dignified Send Off

Honor your loved one with a dignified ash scattering ceremony on the River Thames. We provide a private and peaceful location for your ceremony, ensuring a respectful and discreet service. Let us help you create a meaningful farewell in a serene setting, surrounded by the beauty of the river. Contact us today to plan your ash scattering service and celebrate the life of your loved one in a special and memorable way.

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