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Wedding Transfers

Your wedding is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. Months, or even years, of careful planning and anticipation all come to light on the big day. For this reason, most people want to make their wedding day special. Every element has been carefully thought through, from the venue to the music, so don’t overlook your wedding transportation. Many people forget to plan this vital part of their day and resort to the expensive taxi options which make it difficult for everyone to arrive together or on time. This can raise all sorts of timing issues and can disrupt the running of your wedding reception. No one wants to interrupt the best man’s speech or the first dance because they’ve got stuck in traffic.

At Reeds River Cruises, we can offer the ideal solution to this age-old problem. Our scenic wedding transfers along the River Thames offer an excellent solution. Our wedding transfers are ideal for couples who are getting married in one of London’s many incredible wedding and reception venues, whether it is a historic church or a stylish hotel we can help you get to your destination in style. London’s traffic is notoriously busy and no one wants to tackle the packed tube on their big day, so instead jump on board one of our luxurious party boats for your wedding transfers. We will take the hassle out of travelling through the city and instead offer you an unforgettable experience to ensure that you arrive on time.

Unique and Memorable Wedding Transfers For You and Your Guests

Our London sightseeing boats are ideal for transferring you and your guests, as they can hold a number of people. You will be sure to impress your guests by using a wedding party boat for transport, especially as you will also be able to take in some of London’s most famous landmarks along the way, from Big Ben to the London Eye, depending on where you are travelling to. If you choose Reeds River Cruises for your wedding transfer, you’ll definitely want to remember your camera. You’ll be able to create some of your most impressive wedding photographs on board with the stunning backdrop of the city and all its famous sights behind you. If your reception is taking place in the evening, you will be able to enjoy the city as it is all lit up. Some couples even choose to bring their wedding photographer on board with them to really make the most of the river cruise experience.

For a more intimate experience, perhaps if you are looking for wedding transfers for your immediate family or if you and your partner would like to arrive at your reception in style, why not consider using one of Reeds River Cruises smaller vessels? Our newest boat, The Churchill, holds a maximum of 12 people and has a spacious cabin and an area for guests to go on deck and look out across the river so it is ideal for wedding transfers no matter the weather. This is perfect for couples who are hosting a small event but still want to make the day extra special.

Wedding transfers

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Make your wedding day truly unforgettable with Reed's River Cruises' scenic wedding transfers along the River Thames. Ensure you and your guests arrive on time and in style, taking in London's famous landmarks along the way. Whether you're hosting a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, we have a boat that fits your needs, including our newest vessel, The Churchill, perfect for smaller events. Don't leave your wedding transportation to chance – contact us today to plan your seamless and memorable journey.

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